That's right bitches; we're back! Full Swing, Full Metal, Full House, Full Auto,
Full Monty, Full Suspension, Full FUCKIN' FRONTAL!! The only things we're not
pulling are wieners and punches. During our hiatus we redesigned the site,
re-arranged and re-uploaded some things and made sure everythings running
smooth and tight, just like your mom was when she was 18... And if it isn't; too
fuckin' bad, maybe that's actually how we wanted that one inparticular thing!
We're more vulgar, more pissed off, and more anti-religious than ever and we're
here to stay!!
Les règles de votre maman.
HEY!!! WELCOME TO NOTUNDOOM. Stop by, stay awhile, just make sure you take off your damn shoes. I don't want mud tracked in. But we've actually
gotten a little onto the page. hope you're enjoying, because we're not... it fuckin sucks., and I'm not sure when Jay will get his computer fixed, it was totally
destroyed. But when he does, thats when things will actually get posted on his CAVE. So until then, just check some stuff out, I recommend the sleeping page,
and possibly the adventures and possibly the reviews and possibly the comic and good god it just goes on and on, just look at it all. But if you steal anything I
swear to everything that I hold dear that I will cut you, cut you with an absurdly large knife.
You've been marked on my visitor map!
pic of the everynowandthen
Here we will bring you a new,
exciting pic once in awhile... Maybe
remember that time we put up a funny picture with a funny caption? no, me
neither, but just in case you can check out some of the random shit that has been
put up "every now and then" get it? archive time FUCKwieners!!!
The PicoftheEverynowandThen Archives
Welcome to the ALL NEW Stick around and check some of this shit out. We have a new layout and some new
content and we fucked around with some stuff to make it not so 2000's, but a little more 2010 and beyond. So get lost in the site and
re-discover why our sites cooler than heaven and why we're better than jesus....
come on now. it's not like we're asking
you to die underwater, now is it?
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coolest SHIT has ever
come up with!!